Third Party Authorization

Please complete this form to authorize a third party to have access to your account information and/or take action on your account. All requests must be accompanied by the appropriate signatures. If there are joint account holders, the signatures of both parties need to be present. If you have questions or comments, regarding this form, please call (800) 972-0825 in the US or (833) 724-7378 in Canada.

Account information

Ex. John Doe

Authorized third party

Ex. parent, sibling, etc.
Ex. 555-555-5555
Ex. 555-555-5555
Ex. 555-555-5555


I (we) authorize the above named third party to access any and all of my (our) account information on the above referenced account, and to take any and all action that I (we) could otherwise take on such account. I (we) understand it may take up to three business days from receipt of the request to activate the authorization, and the implementation of the authorization may be delayed if this form is incomplete. If at any time I (we) choose to remove the third party, it is my (our) responsibility to notify Preferred Credit, Inc. by faxing a written request to (320) 202-7011 or mailing a written request to P.O. Box 1970, St. Cloud, Mn 56302.







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